Founding Pastor

IPC Karuna Kumar [Johnson] studied, M.Sc. with maths and MBA with HRD. When he was in the university he had thirst to know the God. Karuna Kumar said himself “How shall I believe in God unless I experience Him”? He born in a Christian family but not accepted Jesus . He began to search for God, many Hindu Temples, spend hours in meditation in a swamijis [self proclaimed god]ashram. Visited many masjids and had conversations with religious leaders. But karuna kumar never experienced God. He finally decided “Now I try Jesus”. He began to read the Bible. One day Karuna Kumar had encounter with Jesus.

He heard the voice of Jesus and he accepted Jesus as his Savior. Karuna Kumar was working as lecturer in a college. When God called him to do his work he left his job and started God’s work. Karuna Kumar called his ministry as wholistic Ministry because the ministry follows Jesus ministry:

  • Preaching Gospel
  • Discipling the believers
  • Equipping the Christians/believers to be salt and light to the world.

Karuna Kumar preached in many crusades, planted churches and visited several countries. Bro. Karuna Kumar started an orphanage in Machilipatnam, mercy homes/ night schools in untouchable or slum areas where hundreds of children are taking care of and started a free hospital in “kalichedu” village where there is no hospital for 25 villages. Bro. karuna kumar ministry does free medical camps to help the poorest of the poor, build houses for the homeless, and dig bore wells in drought areas.

Now bro. Karuna kumar is senior pastor of “City Light Church” which he planted in Machilipatnam, India. His vision is the church should be a light to the city “Machilipatnam”. The church has branch churches in various areas. Karuna Kumar has a heart to preach Gospel with word and deed.