A Woman's Cry Fed the Hungry

A Woman's Cry Fed the Hungry

Fed the Hungry

“I don’t want money, I want food”

A woman’s cry fed many hungry ........................................................................................................................

One evening I was at a market place. A woman came to me and said “I am hungry please help me”. I open my valet and gave her a note of currency. She said “I don’t want money, I want food”. These were strange words, in India people in the market places beg for money.

I talked with her, she said her story. She is from a village, she had none.This summer season which starts from April and ends in June she come to Machilipatnam town to find work to feed herself. She did not find the work. The heat of the summer made her so weak, she is feeling as though she dies. She said there were many like her taking shelter in Bus stand and Railway station.

Now I remember how Municipal people clearing the dead bodies of old aged in bus stand and railway station. They had nobody and nobody knows why they died. I know the pain of hunger, I remembered my fasting days, looked for a piece of bread. At the same time two children came to me and begged.

I came to home but I don’t get the sleep. The Holy Spirit talking with me “Give food for these Poor people.” I said “Can I?” The Holy Spirit said “Yes, you only”. I neglected some days because it’s a big need. Finally one day The Holy Spirit with a strong voice said “Feed the hungry, it’s your responsibility.”

I obeyed to the voice of the Holy Spirit. I called my team members and talked with them. They felt happy to do this love work. We prayed for resources and started the work with what we had. We planned to give Rice, curd, chillies and some other masala in a neatly packed box.

When our team members reached the bus stand and Railway station with food packets the hungry old aged, children and the poor who don’t have money to buy food but stopped in journey run to the stall and received the food packets.

I request your prayers and support to continue this good work.

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At His feet, Johnson Karuna Kumar. Senior Pastor : City Light Church.

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