Save the lives of the children for Jesus


Save the lives of the children for Jesus.

These are the children of “Vambae” Colony in “Vijayawada” city. Vambae colony is a slum colony in Vijayawada city. Most of the fathers of these children addicted to drinking alchohol. Some children are school dropouts, some are orphas and some are semi orphans. We are doing Sunday school for these children. We teach them Jesus stories and learnt them how to pray to Jesus. Many of them are Non Christians. They are growing in Christian faith.

The schools declare holidays for April and May months for summer. This is the time the Devil steal these beautiful children. When the children are free, the grown up children made friendship with them and spoil their lives. The parents goes to work in the morning and returns homes in the evening. We are praying to do a 10 day VBS [Vacation Bible school] to make the children strong in Christian faith. And make them aware of the bad people and bad friend ships.

I request you please join with us to save the lives of these children by your prayers and gifts. With $10 you can save 5 children. Please consider to help this VBS to save the lives of the children for Jesus.

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At His feet, Johnson Karuna Kumar. Senior Pastor : City Light Church.

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