a miserable situation in an untouchable community village

The village has no name, people call it “Yanadi colony” because, and the people of yanadi community live in this village. The community “yanadi” is treated as an untouchable community for centuries. Other people don’t like to associate with them. Yanadees are UN educated far behind to the culture. They live by catching fish and crabs with hooks.. Their children don’t go schools but go to the streets to beg people.

yandees.jpgThey worship stones and trees as they have age old traditional practices. We prayed God and reached this village. God touched the hearts of some of them. We planted a church in the colony. These people are very happy as some of the cultured people came to them, touch them and treating them  as their brothers and sisters.




Their lives can be transformed just by upgrading their jobs what they are doing present.

Now they are catching fish with hooks and earn hardly $1 for a day to feed the whole family.  If they can be provided nets and ten days training how to use the nets can transform their lives. They can earn $5 to $10 for a day which would be good income for their families food clothing and children education.

Needs:  One fishing net costs : S$625

              42 families are living in this village. Two families can use one net [It is better if there is a possibility to provide anet for a family].

The cost of 21 nets: S$5,250          

           Training costs: $250

             [One batch includes 10 people, there are 4 batches].

Total fund needed to transform this untouchable but Christian colony: S$5,500