a seed project

When Bob Moffit asked the trainees to take a decision to do a seed project in our areas in a VC I remembered the children of a Government elementary school which is near to my house. These children are from the families of poorest of the poor and I never see them going to school with school bags.
When the schools reopen this June I have to buy school bags to my daughter and the children of my orphanage.
I decided to distribute the school bags to the children of this school as a seed project.
God helped me to do this seed project which I committed myself in the VC.
I really enjoyed when I saw the big smiles in the beautiful faces of the children.

The parents and the teachers felt very happy. Now the children of this school greeting me whenever they see me. This was published in news papers also. 
Isiah 58 is very near to my house. I am praying God to reach the parents of these children with the Good News by word and deed. 

VC gave a new outlook not only in me but many of those who attended the VC’s.
Thank you Bob, I thank God for bringing you to our place.
At His feet,