blanket ministry

For I am Naked you gave me Cloth

In India every year during the winter seasons many vulnerable and poor old aged people die because of the severe winter coldness. They die because they don’t have a single warm piece of cloth to cover themselves from the harsh weather

     The people live in the small houses which are treated as untouchables that does not offer the shelter required to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

                          untouchables (7).jpg Some sleeps on road side or on foot paths because they don’t have houses.

Your generous gifts last year saved hundreds of lives of the poor people. This winter season we are praying God to save the lives of these vulnerable people as many as we can.

 Just with $6 you can save one life.

  Our churches able to rise 85 blankets and are at work to raise more.  We need your prayers and faithful support to save these poor people lives in the winter season starts from October and ends by February.

Thank you for your prayers and support to demonstrate the love of Christ.

At His feet,