Children Bible School

Children Bible School

Bible Verse:Prov.22:6:” Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it”.


Chinnu is a boy of 10 years old, he lives in a slum colony. Every morning Chinnu parents goes to the streets and collects plastic things from the road side and from dumpyards. They sell the collected things in the evening and earn about $1 per a day. While returning, Chinniu's father and monther drink arrack with all their earnings. Every morning, Chinnu goes to houses to house with a bowl in his hands, beg for food and come back to his house with begged food. Chinnu has to eat from his begged food and keeps for his parents also. Chinnu never wear new cloths, foot wear or he never received any gift from his parents or from any body else. We have talked with Chinnu parents and convinced them to join Chinu in “Camp of Grace” which we started to save the lives of the children like Chinnu.

Naga Durga

My name is Naga Durga. My father and mother died when I was a child. I am staying with my grandmother. I had a brother too. My Grandmother is too old to work. So we depended up on my brother, his earnings are too small to feed us so we fast regularly. I want to join in school and study for my better future. My grandmother did not allow me to go to school because sometimes I get small works in the rich people houses and earn few rupees. Many times I wept silently when I look at the children of my age going to school. School has become my favorite dream.

One day I heard that “Pastor Johnson Karuna Kumar” building a night school in our area. The elders of our village came to our house and persuaded my grandmother to join me in the night school “Camp of Grace”. I joined in the“Camp of grace”. The teachers of the Camp of Grace helped me to join in a Government school also. Now every morning we have devotion at the “Camp of Grace”, after the devotion we have nice beverage. In the evening after the Government school we come back to the Camp of grace where we have snacks,tuition's, prayer and dinner. The teachers are telling the wonderful stories about Jesus. I am very happy because my dream came to be real through the “Camp of Grace”


My name is Anjiah. I had a different life story. I have parents but they do not send me to school. Every morning my parents go to canals to catch fish with hooks. They addicted to alcohol. Every evening they drink with their earnings. Every morning my parents send me to pick plastic things thrown in the streets. All day I pick plastic things thrown in the streets and from the garbage heaps. In the evening I sell them and get about a quarter dollar.I have to give that money to my parents. Fasting has become a custom to me because of lack of food in our home. “The Camp of Grace” has become a boon to the children like me. They talked with my parents and joined me in the “Camp of Grace” . Now every day I am going to “Camp of Grace”. The teachers of the “Camp of Grace” are teaching us so many good things. They are teaching us songs, dances and Jesus stories also. I want to study well and become an officer.

Every year the schools declare Holidays for the months of April and May for Summer. During these months we do Children Bible schools in different places to reach the children who needs love and care like the above children.

The main purpose of these schools are to plant the seeds of the Gospel in the hearts of the children. We teach them the Love of God, make them memorize the Bible verses, songs, dances, drawing the pictures and through puppet shows.

Last year by your prayers and support we have reached more than 500 children. This year we are praying to reach 1,000 children.

You can sponsor 5 children with just $10. When they grow up the seeds of Gospel that we planted in their hearts with your support saves their lives and souls. Please consider to help as many children as you can.

Here below I am giving the particulars of the funds that we raised till now. 1] SOFIA : $100 2] YOMMI : $10 3] TIMM MILLER : $50

Please pray for the remaining need :$1,860 This page has donation option through Paypal. We opened a business account so it appears as buying things, Kindly don't get confused.

You can follow below link that takes you to donation page of PayPal: Cick Here to Donate

At His feet,

Johnson Karuna Kumar. Senior Pastor : City Light Church.

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