children of the grand weaver

They dig deep pits in their houses and arrange looms. They spread different colors of threads and weave beautiful saris the dress wares of women in India. They add colors to the world. They are called weavers, we tells them that they are children of grand weaver “Jesus”.

weavers -cyclone jal tragedies 3 045.jpgA                                                             weavers -cyclone jal tragedies 3 031.jpg                                                             weavers -cyclone jal tragedies 3 039.jpgA weaver making a sari                 A family with their damaged looms           A damaged loom 

 The recent floods and immediate cyclone brought miseries in lives of weaver community in the village called “Chilakalapudi”. Water entered into their houses, filled the pits and damaged the looms. All the colorful threads, the saris weaved the saris on the looms spoiled by the waters. The loss may be few bugs but for these poor people it is beyond their strength to recover and start their lively hood.

 Please pray for these weavers lives to come to normal life with new hopes:

     To light one weavers family costs: $50.

There are 100 weaver families who need immediate help.

We need your prayer and support to heal this broken community with the love of Christ.

At His feet,