dr.karuna kumar's crusades

   We have done crusades in a town and God worked mighty way. Here I am giving some of the testimonies of people who experienced the power of the Living God “Jesus”.

Challapalli Hope festivals- 17th & 18th May 2010 061.jpg Challapalli Hope festivals- 17th & 18th May 2010 053.jpg Challapalli Hope festivals- 17th & 18th May 2010 073.jpg


Testimonies of Hope Festivals Nidumolu-  May 2010 006.jpg                                    Jesus Appeared to a Hindu in his dream

 Babu Rao belongs to an upper cast of Hindu community, his wife accepted Jesus but he did not. Babu Rao’s wife attended the Faith festivals for two nights. On the third night she invited her husband to attend the Faith festivals as she experienced the presence of God. Babu Rao accepted her invitation. Babu rao attended the crusade just for entertainment.

Babu Rao had a big sore on his leg and he had been suffering a lot for the last three years. Babu Rao heard the Gospel in the crusade and the word of God touched him. He came back to his house and slept. In the night, Babu Rao had a dream, he saw a man in white cloths came to him and touched his soar with his hand and disappeared. The next day morning when babu Rao looked at his leg, the soar was disappeared. Babu Rao remembered the dream and believed that Jesus came to him and healed him. Babu Rao said that he saw wonderful love in Jesus face; he never saw such great love in anybody’s face in all his life. Babu Rao said that after seeing Jesus he too had such strong love towards Jesus and he decided to give his life to Jesus. With tears Babu Rao said “Jesus touched my legs where I had a big sore, He is God but he touched my legs”.

   I stop hating my parents and began to love them

Testimonies of Hope Festivals Nidumolu-  May 2010 004.jpgVara Lakshmi developed negative thoughts against her parents. She began to hate her parents. This made her parents very sad. On the second night of the Hope festivals, when karuna Kumar was preaching God touched vara lakshmi. Vara Lakshmi accepted Jesus Christ and decided not to hate her parents anymore but love them. When she went back to her home, her parents saw a new loving daughter in Varalkshmi.


                                                                            Jesus healed me

Testimonies of Hope Festivals Nidumolu-  May 2010 008.jpgBharathi is a Hindu, She was stricken with paralysis. The disease made her life miserable. She was not able to attend her jobs. Somebody invited her to attend the hope festivals. Bharathi attended all the three nights. The word of God touched her and she believed in Jesus. At the end of the meetings she came to Karuna Kumar and he prayed for her. After the crusades she experienced a miracle. Now she was able to lift her hand and able to do her works. This made Bharathi to be amazed of the power of the living God Jesus.


God is doing all these wonders we are just His workers.