healing in a broken village


  The diamond glittering of Mica pieces welcomed us at the entrance of the village “Kalichedu”.

The beauty of the village will be wonderful in the full moon night when mica heaps reflects as huge diamonds. But there is no beauty in the lives of the people.


The village “Kalichedu” was a rich village once because of its rich resource of “Mica” which also called black gold. Now the mines are closed which caused to close down the school, hospital, park and other offices. If any boy wants to see the once glory of the village he has to walk down to an area called ‘MMLWO’. distribution of blankets and kalichedu 122.jpg
Mica heap


     We went to the area ‘MMLWO’. There were thick Acacia trees everywhere. We walked through a narrow way. After a while, we saw many buildings among the thick acacia trees. We felt that as though we are at an archeological site. There is no sign of human. The village elder said ‘This entire closed 10 years back no body is living in these houses’. He said that there are more than 100 houses and all are damaged.



DSC06191.JPG SANY0115.JPGDSC06242.JPG 

   Closed Hospital                    houses once used by staff    a ruined school building



   A big shed was collapsed which was used as a school and dining hall. A nice school building has no roof. The big hospital was closed and its roof was falling. A retired nurse of the hospital came with us to help us in the medical camp. She said “Once this Hospital was second biggest Hospital in the entire district.


  God led us to do a Medical camp in this village with the prayers and support of faithful partners. This Medical camp is an answer of our prayers. Five Doctors specialized in General, Genie, Dental, Ortho and Eye and a Lab technician came to do voluntary services. All of them are Christians.



Banner   at the venue            People before a Doctor room    an old aged man saying ‘Thanks ‘



 “Great work, Great work… Thank you… Thank you so much… May God bless you”? These are the words I heard when I walk through the people attended in the medical camp. Some of them never visited any hospital for years after the closing of the hospital in the village.



     SANY0057.JPG SANY0074.JPG  DSC06218.JPG       

     Doctor testing a patient                  free medicine                Food distribution



       The people from 11 villages have attended the camp. The camp started in the morning and ended in the evening.  Two vehicles are arranged to transport pregnant women and old aged people. With help of the local church we arranged food for 300 people who were at the venue during lunch hour.






At the end of the Camp the elders of the village came to us and said thanks from the depths of their  

hearts. I told them the Love of Jesus has done the camp, we are just instruments in the hand of Jesus.
Elders of the village


Praise the Lord for He used us for His great work!!!


Prayer request: The villagers requested to start a hospital in the village to save their lives. We also are praying for the same. Please join us in the prayers to heal this broken village. The Christian population in this village is very small. Pray God to save this village.


At His feet,

Dr. Johnson Karuna Kumar

President: Jesus Heals Ministry