homeless tasted the love of jesus

They dont have homes they sleep on the foot path. Some of them are cripple, some are
lepers and are old aged abondon by their children. They live on the foot paths. During
the day time they beg and in the evening they reached their living place foot paths. Their
daily income is not sufficient for their food, how shall they buy a blanket to save
themselves from the winter coldness. Some times we see people die on the foot paths,
the municipality bury these nobody's bodies.

Our church “CITY LIGHT” take a mission to reach these people with blankets to save
the lives and demonstrate the love of Christ. We took the blankets in a vehicle and run in
the roads where ever we find people sleeping on the foot paths covered them with
blankets and told them this is from Jesus.

Many of you responded to be partner with us in this love act. Thank you so much for
your prayers and support to save the lives of these poor people.

Please pray for us for there many homeless to be reached. You can save one life just
with $5.

At His feet,
Johnson Karuna Kumar