power meetings-jesus is real


          The people are hunger to know the Truth. The vacuum that is in human heart can be filled only by Jesus. In the last day of the great day of the feast, when people are when people are packing their bags to leave the temple, the Savior stood among them and cried “If any man thirst let him come unto me and drink”. The cry is in the world still.

         People are coming to the power meetings and the gatherings are very big. We see Hindus and Muslims also attending the power meetings and experiencing the power of the True God. Many people are coming to the Christ, the backslidden Christian committing themselves to their Lord with repentance.

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  Crowd                                      Devils left                                 God’s miracles

    A woman cried and said that she experienced the power of God. When bro. Johnson asked her how she experienced the power of God? She said for so many years she never walked without support of a stand, this is the day she walked without the stand. This testimony moved the people to understand the power of the Living God. The devils cried and left the people. Many others gave testimonies how they were delivered from the diseases by which they were suffered till coming to the power meetings. More over many people accepted Jesus.

   Glory to God! We are just His instruments He does the work.

May God bless those precious brothers and sisters who are behind this great work whom the heaven know.


Prayer requests:

  1. Many people are coming to the power meetings; we are not able to provide sufficient chairs, mats and lights as our budget is small. Some people are going back for they do not find chairs to sit. This making us sad because every soul attracted by Jesus is precious. Our budget has to be increased. I request you prayers and support.

  2. The devil is trying to attack us in various forms, please pray for power meetings team and bro. Johnson karuna Kumar.

  3. Please pray for our next outreach meetings.


    Thank you for your prayers and faithful support.


    At His feet,

    Power meetings Team &

    Bro. Johnson Karuna Kumar.