save the lives of the children

The street has no name; it is called as drainage Canal Street. The 
homeless people came to this place, build small houses and are living. 
Every day is a danger day for the children of this street because the 
drainage canal has no wall. 

 Many of the children fell down in this canal and wounded, 
fortunately somebody saw them and rescued them immediately. If 
anybody doesn’t see the child fell down in the canal the child will 
drown in the drainage water and die. Every day the parents of the 
children living with fear about their children. The mothers have to 
watch their children always. 

 Just a wall along one side of the canal will save the lives of the 
children. The length of the canal is about 1 K.M. To build the wall would 
cost about $5,000. This support helps to save the children and also 
demonstrates the love of God to these Hindu and Muslim people.
At His feet,