testimonies of medical camp - kalichedu

SANY0068.JPGSanjevamma worked in a Mica mine for so many years. When there was the hospital, whenever she fell sick she visit the hospital and get free checkup and medicines. As a mine worker she enjoyed many benefits. But now the mines are closed and hospital also closed. Sanjevamma fell sick many times but she never visited any hospital as the nearest hospital is 20 Kilometers away from the village. Sanjevamma’s condition became verse. She said that the medical camp is a great help to her. She thanked the persons who are behind the camp.


SANY0075.JPGMadesh is a 5 years old boy. His father committed suicide and died.  After few months of his father’s death his mother left the boy in the village and gone with a man to an unknown place and never returned for her son. A woman who is a distant relative to Madesh took him to her house. Madesh fell sick frequently. Blood flows from his nose often. The woman took Madesh to the camp and said she had a great opportunity to test the boy by the doctors and get medicines for free of cost.

DSC06211.JPGPolayya is 55 years old. Most of his life he worked in a mine. While he was working in the mine he got TB. He was visiting the Hospital and get medicines free. But 10 years back the hospital closed and the mine he was working also closed.  The disease made him verse and could not do any jobs. It is very difficult for him to go to Hospital in the town which is far away and more over he can’t afford the cost of the treatment. Polayya said that the camp is a great help to him.


DSC06169.JPGPitchamma and her husband worked in a mine for so many years. They don’t have children.

 After the mines closed they suffer so much. Pitchamma’s husband died leaving her alone. AQs she don’t have anybody to take care of her. She began to beg in the village and settled as a beggar. She is suffering with nervous weakness and BP. Pitchamma said that she never dreamed to visit doctor; the camp is a boon to her.