you can make smiles

                                                   YOU CAN MAKE SMILES


                       The world celebrates Jesus in the month of December. Christmas means Love of God and Gift of God. We show our love to our friends, relatives and family members by giving them beautiful gifts for Christmas.



  Chinnu is a boy of 10 years old; he lives in a slum colony. Every morning Chinnu parents goes to the streets and collects plastic things from the road side and from dump yards. They sell the collected things in the evening and earn about $1 per a day. While returning, Chinnu's father and mother drink arrack with all their earnings. Every morning, Chinnu goes to houses to house with a bowl in his hands, beg for food and come back to his house with begged food. Chinnu has to eat from his begged food and keeps for his parents also. Chinnu never wear new cloths, foot wear or he never received any gift from his parents or from anybody else. Chinnu dreams, wearing new cloths and playing with beautiful doll.



   Who can fulfill Chino’s dream this Christmas?


    In this colony there are many more children like chinnu living in this area. Though they have parents they live like orphans. Jesus Heals Ministry opened a Mercy Camp in this area to save these destitute children. We talked with the parents and joined them in the Mercy camp. We are giving them food, teaching and other needy things. Now the children studying in the school to lead decent lives not like their parents also they are growing in the Christian faith.



   Now Chinnu is in the mercy home, studying well and he prays Jesus every day. We have started two mercy camps in two slums, there are 160 children. We are praying for the kind hearted people to bring Christmas Joy in the lives of these beautiful children.



   With $10 you can send a Christmas gift to one of these children. Let us celebrate Jesus with these beautiful children.


  You can send your gift to the following account.





7621 In wood Rd,

DALLAS, TX 75209

SWIFT: 111001040


  Thank you for your prayers and support for these children of God.

At His feet,

Johnson Karuna Kumar,